Monday, April 12, 2010

Motorola W230 [Moto Yuva]

I had been wanting to own a motorola for quite some time.Three years back i purchased a Moto Yuva W230
I should admit that I did not purchase this after much survey, evaluation and comparison - kind of stuff,but had reasonably loaded phone & messaging functionalities plus mp3 storage for long duration listening & FM radio. To my surprise I was suggested W230 by my local mobile store QRS,Statue,trivandrum.

Till now performance is very good.Its design is very good .but the display mode is not up to the mark.The phone is getting warm when i use this continuesly.Battery holds for about a day & a quarter.(approx. 50 calls, 60 minutes of talk-time). Travelling persons, better to carry the charger. For the same ’daily usage my brother's Nokia is to last for three days. However, Motorola W230 charges thru UPS cable too from any PC, it is easiest to is very hard get damaged.the only drawback we have in this mobile is that we doesnt have a option of bluetooth or a IR.The sound reception is good.I bought this mobile with tatoo and i am pleased with it’s performance.

First this mobile is good music phone.Definitly not a bad buy. Keeps you busier as you explore one additional feature feature after another that you didn’t think this set could possibly have. If you have some patience and are of sudoku cracking type this one is likely to enchant you.And I dont want to loose my first phone!!!!

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