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When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A Doctor? A scientist? A Piolot? I always had a different answer, and the truth is that I still don't know what I want to be. But I'm young and ambitious. Some call it pretentious. I do. I refuse to go down without having done something great. So great that I can afford to dress in minimal fashion clothing. I am so sure that I am going to do nothing great, I hope that if I am killed, that the entire community will rise up and shout to my murderer, "Do you have any idea who the f_k you just killed?!"


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Thank You, Readers! Blogging has been worth it because of you...



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog! Blog! Blog!

Yes yes, I have started a new blog. No, I'm not quitting or giving up on beauty blogging… it is my new ...I'll be looking out .I just started liking writing. ... or create a new exception by setting the innerexception to the exception you just caught. previous.
My shiny new blog that is taking over from my old one. 'Sandy's Musings'I'll be posting soon...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wake Up Sid

'Wake Up Sid' songs fast climbing the charts..comment by Indian Express.I think you should listen to the awesome songs Wake Up Sid ,Aaj Kal Zindagi,Iktara,Kya Karoon,Life Is Crazy,Wake Up Sid -club Mix by Shankar Mahadevan.
Music Director:
Shankar Mahadevan
Ehsaan Noorani
Loy Mendonsa

The is the story of Sidharth Mehra (Ranbir Kapoor), a lazy, unmotivated slacker from Mumbai whose life undergoes a series of changes after taking his final year college exams.Sid's world is breezy, carefree, and without any true responsibilities. The most important elements in his life are his friends, his camera, his car, and his X-box 360.Awaiting movie..

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

*Copenhagen* [~~reduce~~]

Population growth is the one issue accused of causing driving climate change that no one at the Copenhagen climate summit dares to talk about. The argument is that more people consume more resources, therefore producing more greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

The charity is also urging people to "stop at two" children in order to voluntarily reduce the population.

Slow down... One more pic!

Slow,.... Beautiful Road on the Streets .... can we just hit the gear to top!!!

hear we go..................................

This is trivandrum!!!!!

Trivandrum Airport road ,Very nice.I was, however, stuck on that road during a ride with my friend, and i can attest to the magnificence of it. Most beautiful...banks a curve!
i got same pictures 1-2 years ago as most beautiful roads in the world…do u have any proof…that these are Trivandrum roads.??????????????Hahaha

Sixth semester movie package....

Single stretch movie package during sixth semester.

Puthiya Mugham(M)
Acid Factory(H)
Angel John(M)
Daddy Cool(M)
London Dreams(H)
Pazhassi Raja(M)
Seetha Kalyanam(M)
AJab Prem Ki gazab kahani(H)
Swa Le (Swantham Lekhakan)(M)
Uthara Swayamvaram(M)
Paleri Manikyam – Oru pathira kolapathakathinte katha(M)

Months ahead,bunking Bye...

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