Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hummer in Trivandrum

Sketched Hummer at Motor plaza ,Sreekaryam!

Inspiration: Metro Manorama Article On the H2.

Did you misplace your cell phone?

Last day I left my class as usual.
After some hours i noticed where is my cellphone, no I misplaced it in the system cabin and felt lost half my life because I did not backup my phone and my SIM...Along with it some really important telephone numbers. my god ..Our Instructor was there,But his cell number was stuck on my cell~What the hell ! then
From my Dad's phone I informed my friend and then, him. After a long running, I got my phone back ...I got my phone back... I'm glad to have got my phone back but all the time I was running

Moral:If you find a lost cellphone, try and trace the owners and expect ... Like I said, I'm glad to have got my phone back but all the time I was ...

Punk! Do you feel lucky, Well...

I'm Feeling Lucky Button, What Is It? It is a treat from Google search engine home page.Most of them ignore n dare to click unwanted queries .If anybody there, it Punk !!
Go to Google and click “I'm Feeling Lucky” (without entering a search term) to get an unexpected treat. Google is increasingly drawing attention ... Its an animated one.Changes according to contemporary circumstances.Click something different!
You feel,do you?

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