Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The Vilappilsala Cry 

Garbage treatment plant~Vilappilsala

The Vilappilsala Waste Treatment Plant has been talked about a lot since its inception in 2000. Now, the Vilappilsala Grama Panchayat has taken a decision to shut down the plant.
The environmental damage and the pollution caused by the leakage of leachate from the plant have been a cause of concern for the residents of Vilappilsala. It has also resulted in the pollution of the water in Karamana River with the leachate flowing into it from Meenampalli Thodu.
Garbage Burning

It has been almost ten years since the garbage treatment plant at Vilappilsala became operational, which proved a boon to the residents of the capital city. ...

Contamination confirmed 
Meenampalli thodu/Chowwalloor

Meenampalli ‘thodu’ deserves a better fate. For years, it has been the source of drinking water for a village - Chowalloor. It joins the Karamana river, which now appears to have dumped its green colour permanently for the poisonous black. The Vilappil grama panchayat, by crying for the closure of the waste treatment plant at Vilappilsala, has once again shed light on the pathetic plight of this dying river.

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