Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real Beauty

According to cosmetic perceptions Real beauty can be attained through commercial stuffs,their advertisement itself proves they are fake.On the otherhand, Proportion is a concern.A symmetry should be ther even unsymmetric faces attracts us.

Real beauty is something not limited to makeup.Beauty lies in the specific looks of a person, rather than the object, because different people feel beauty in differnt things.We must feel and be affected by it...

Staying beautiful should not mean sacrificing your good health ... All-natural beauty care is always best! Clean, healthy beauty care.Hence natural skin care beauty products should  contain only natural ingredients and no chemical

A Real beauty should be preserved like a monument to nature.!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, born as Katy Hudson in 1984 in the month of October, used to be a Christian singer who decided to concentrate on pop and rock music combined, with her influences being: Lilly Allen, Alanis Morissette, and Avril Lavigne. It was just last year (2008) when Perry became prominent in the music scene.
Katy Perry
  Raised in California, in the town of Santa Barbara, Perry lived in a Christian household, given that her parents are both pastors. Even though Perry was prohibited to music aside from Christian songs, Freddie Mercury's and Alanis Morissette's hits caught her attention during a slumber party she attended with her friends
Katy Perry

Christian music, however, remained as her main focus. In fact, in 2001, Perry came up with her self-titled album: "Katy Hudson" composed of Christian tracks. Eventually, however, she decided to move away from that genre as well as her real surname in order for her to pursue a career in pop music
Katy Perry with Travis mccoy

As early as age 17, Perry began her collaboration with Glen Ballard, who was able to produce records and co-write songs for Alanis Morrisette's 1995 Jagged Little Pill, which was indeed a chart-topper. After a few years, Perry worked with the Matrix, a team of producers/songwriters that had a Grammy nomination, and have worked in partnership with well-known artists like Shakira, Korn, and many others
Katy Perry
There was a time when the Matrix planned to have their own album with Perry being one of the singers. Those plans were eventually stopped, but prior to their shelving, Perry was featured in one of Blender Magazine's 2004 issues, wherein Perry was given the title of: "The Next Big Thing!"
In 2007, Perry decided to sign a contract with Columbia Records. "UR So Gay" was her debut single which caught the attention of a moderate number of people, specifically because of the unique music video and "happy-go-lucky" lyrical content. In 2008, what made a breakthrough for Perry in the industry was her single entitled: "I Kissed A Girl", which claimed the Number One spot in the music charts in around 20 countries, therefore pushing Perry's accompanying album called: "One of the Boys" into America's Top Ten
sandeepsagarsp's Youtube

Katy Perry also joined the so called "Warped Tour" in the summer of 2008, together with Travis McCoy of the group Gym Class Heroes, who has her boyfriend. Perry's "Hot N Cold" also became a number one hit. She also wrote three songs all by herself, one of which was "Thinking of You", which was included in the Top 40. Katy Perry is considered as a pop icon, both for her one-of-a-kind music and bizarre,
sense of fashion

Courtesy: Metrolyriczzz..

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all the beautiful mothers out there a very 
Happy Mother's Day.

Mother is a gift of god. She is an angel, which protects you from all the evils of the world and gives you a secure shelter in her lap whenever you feel stressed and insecure. Irrespective of how we look or behave, our mother showers us with all possible love and blessings in the world.
Though she is a guardian angel to us, we hardly ever get an opportunity to thank her for lending us a shoulder to cry, a lap to rest, hands to catch hold of us whenever we fall. She is our dearest pal and our best companion ever. On this mother's day, shower your mother with all the love,Tell her that you love her and no one else could ever substitute the position she holds in your heart.

“the love a mother has for her child.” It's a pure, unconditional love that has nothing to do with ...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sandeep Sagar-Kundamankadavu Bridge inviting danger?

Kundamankadav Bridge(file)
 Kundamankadavu Bridge, which crosses the Karamana River is located near Valiyavila. The bridge is more than 100 years old  is on the Trivandrum-Kattakkada rout.Its one of the oldest bridges in Kerala.The State government had initiated the tender process for the construction of a new bridge at Kundamankadavu

This place is located en route Peyad - Kattakada - Neyyar Dam. It is around 8 km from Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station (via Karamana) and around 10 km via Vazhuthacaud.Valiyavila is well connected by bus services from both East Fort and Thampanoor bus stations in Thiruvananthapuram city.
Emergency restrictions have been put in place for a bridge deemed an “immediate risk”Above 10tons are not allowed!, to the public as it could be in danger  of collapsing
Urgently needed: A bridge in Kundamankadav;

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Janakeeya Samithi
 As the ongoing strike at Vilappilsala by the Janakeeya Samithi demanding the closure of the Vilappilsala waste treatment plant entered the 113th day on Tuesday;today, matters have taken a wrong turn between the local people and the panchayat here. The Janakeeya Samithi leaders say they are all set to put pressure on the panchayat leaders to keep their promise and act against the City Corporation.Yesterday I saw a Jar full of drinking water kept near Kundaman Bhagom Strike area,Its Black!!!!!!

 Kerala actor lends voice to green cause

Jagathy Sreekumar
Malayalam film star Jagathy Sreekumar joins protest against waste plant;
A municipal solid waste treatment facility on the outskirts of the capital city which has been the target of criticism over environmental degradation is back in the limelight following strong protests.
Jagathy Sreekumar, whose native place is close to my house near Vilappilsala,
Hegave moral support to the agitation of villagers in the area demanding the unit's closure.

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