Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Late Ustad Allarakha’s wife passes away

Bavi Begum Allarakha, wife of the tabla legend late Ustad Allarakha, passed away on 24th October 2009. Mother of tabla maestro Zakir Hussain, Khurshid, late Razia, Fazal and Taufiq Quereshi, she was known as Ammaji to all.Coming from a simple background, Ammaji was extremely far sighted and gave her children the best facilities, and most of all, the self confidence to be independent. While her husband Ustad Allarakha often travelled for concerts, she ensured best education and finest upbringing for her children.This generosity was further extended to students who came to study with Abbaji and later with Zakir. She leaves behind a very large extended family of people whose lives were touched deeply by Ammaji.The funeral ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 28th October at 4 pm at Mahim Kabristaan.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

can i tell ...

Can i tell hello?
can u tell me about 'can i tell hello' ie,For me ,to tell hello i should get connect to a number.

Tell me. can i tell hello?

Easy Web Publishing

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BeNiFitZ oF a cOrpoRate BloGger?

Some time ago I was juz thinking some hot tips on how to become a great corporate weblogger and over the last few days I received a scrap asking me whatz ur benefit using blog!!!Any Dollars the guy,,,Bedi!! So I thought I would go ahead and share with you a couple of thoughts on the subject hoping that you may find them useful as well.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Yesterday I wrote nothing worth !!I’ve seen tangible benefits of getting into Twitter over the last month - but it hasn’t been as simple as signing up for a Twitter account and then documenting all the time But the Fact is that i've four followers nOW".


Stay positive...(for guys)

Nobody wants to be with a negative person. If you stay positive, girls will flock to you. Think about the negative people in your life. How do you feel when they come at you complaining and frowning?

Friendzz.... this way...

Twitter is similar to many other social networks in numerous aspects, particularly when it comes to friending behaviors. Like Myspace, its possible to befriend a massive amount of users, some of whom will add you back as a friend. Continually adding Twitter users as friends allows you to increase the amount of followers you have.

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