Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Love Inflicts Pain" ?

We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve..
You Be The Writer And Decide The Words I Say..

express the unexpressed
  When you wake from your perceptions of the little mind, the human consensual dream, oh, beloved ones, Love  will give you everything and deliver to you the gifts of what you have been through.

"What I want for you is to achieve the finest and purest form of love, which is deep within your heart.You will realize that love can grow and love can become Divine. The same way God loves is the same way humans can learn to love.” -Spiritual perspective

Something about love, it can bring to anyone. Love or ... All you want is to inflict as much pain as you can even if it means hurting innocent people along the way - Another perception

Someone surely finds his/her destination.

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