Monday, March 24, 2014

The Great Silence.

the great silence
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Long time no posts, starting phrase for each post after a long gap. The break we take on regular basis will be common among people for me, I think I should continue this because some of the figures I found out is not matching with those I am having in mind since childhood. But last week I saw a big mould for an usual human/commercial need woo.. It was such an amazing copy of the exact figure with me, I cant explain how I feel the mismatches and the matches.

Read many books, anecdotes, biographies and watched many Interviews. For last 2 years my inspirations are only these along with new environments.
The most haunted one is The Great Silence. The situation will be so boring and the experience will be at its peak. If you get chance to deal with these kind of Unique subjects please follow your own mind and be a disciplined reader.

I have't mentioned anything about this title, excuse me I am also in search for the same...

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