Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you hide behind your smile?

A friend sent me a message just today informing me that she is now sad. She is in their home, laughing but inside, she's crying. I think that it had happened to me before but I already overcame myself. Sometimes, we can show our greatest smile, but deep inside, is a heart that is hurting and needs comfort. How can we mend a hurting heart when we have our own hurts? So how about you, do you hide sometimes behind your good smile?


I like to smile and laugh. I like the people around me to feel good and I do attempt to hide symptoms sometimes. I do that because I don’t want to invite sympathy or questions. I do that because I need time off from it all. But I am unable to hide my symptoms from all of the people all of the time, or even some of the people all of the time. My MS is stronger than my smile.

What is MS???
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